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Workshop in Venice: discover how to make Venetian Masks

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Have you ever wondered how to make Venetian Masks? Soak up the atmosphere of ancient traditions with a workshop in Venice to learn the ancient art of papier-mache' carnival masks

If you love the colors and atmosphere of Venetian Carnival, you can't lose this craft workshop in Venice! An experience to learn more on the ancient history of the Venetian Masks but also a chance to be a craftsman for a day, making your carnival mask!
During the workshop, an experienced craftsman will teach you how to make a Venetian mask: choose among 43 different types of masks and decorates it with 1 of the 7 techniques that yoll learn: show your creativity...it will be a unique souvenir of your stay in Venice!

The emotions and the experiences we though for you: Workshop Venice: discover how to make a Venetian Mask
  • Be creative: discover how to make your Venetian masks and choose among 43 different types of masks!
  • 2 hours Workshop in Venice to learn more on the Venetian masks history and traditions
  • An expert craftsman will disclose you the secrets and anecdotes of one of the most renowned Italian traditions: the Venetian papier-mache' masks
  • Making a Venetian mask means also bring home a unique souvenir!

Venetian Mask Workshop

The 2 hours Venetian mask workshop is divided in a theoretical and practical part, to better understand one of the most ancient Italian tradition, a symbol of Made in Italy!
Thanks to an expert craftsman you will learn the origins and anecdotes of the Venetian masks: you will discover the different meanings of the typical 'Venetian Bautt or of the most famous Venetian Carnival mask known as 'Volt.
The theoretical part is very amusing and our expert craftsmen will adapt it following your needs...so also if you have children it will be never boring!

During the practical part, your creativity is the king: you will learn how to make your Venetian mask! You can choose 2 masks among 43 different models available and start decorating them. Of course our craftsmen will help you making your Venetian mask, giving you tips on the different decoration techniques.

And don't forget to bring home your Venetian Mask!

English, Italian, French

Where & When:
The workshop takes place everyday. Meeting point in a mask atelier located in the city center of Venice. More information at the time of booking.

The Workshop in Venice includes
2 hours workshop with an expert craftsman
Venetian mask which yove produced
Material to produce the masks

The Workshop in Venice doesn't include
Tips and what is not mentioned in item tour includes

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