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Places to visit in Italy: how to plan Italy tours

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Italy is rich of amazing places to visit so it is important to plan your Italy tour according to the time and budget at your disposal.

Italy is rich in culture, history and a lot of amazing places to visit, so it is important to plan your Italy tour according to the time and budget at your disposal.

As travel agents, we would like to share some tips and advices to visit the beauties of Italy. Above all, you will find many tips on how to arrange a cultural holiday in Italy. The tips are valid for all major cities and cultural places as Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice and, therefore, do not apply to all the beautiful beach resorts that Italy offers!

So, let's discover what mistakes to avoid and how to better plan your trip to Italy!

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Before departing

Before planning your Italy tour and choosing the places to visit, you have to verify if you need a Visa following this official Italian link.
Verify the time the Embassy need to issue the Visa and then you start planning your Italy tour!

If spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Italy, it is also true that is high season and this means a crowd of tourists and high prices. If you are traveling on a budget, the best seasons to visit Italy are winter, just after New Year's Eve, and summer, from July to August, when the cities are empty and most of the tourists are at the beach.  Keep in mind that summer could be really hot and winter, above all in Northern Italy, is really cold and are not unusual frequent thunderstorms and snowfall.

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To save your money don't book a last minute! The Italian art cities have fairly high prices throughout the whole year and to find the right deal and greater availability of accommodations is better to book few months in advance.
Especially if you are planning a cultural tour in Amalfi Coast, Puglia - including Alberobello and Matera -, Cinque Terre or the lake district (Lake Garda and Como) definitely we suggest to reserve well in advance. In fact, these areas, unlike the big cities of Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice, during the summer are on high season.

Plan your Italy tour: budget & time

- How many days you need to tour Italy

Don't think to arrange an Italy tour if you have less than 7 days to spend touring this charming Country. To visit the "big 3" Rome, Florence and Venice you need at least 7 nights and yoll have the chance to admire only the main attractions of each city with a tight schedule. With 10 days you can add at your Italy itinerary the Amalfi Coast or another popular place like Milan, the Lake District or Cinque Terre. With 15/20 days also Sicily or Puglia can be included in the places to visit in Italy. The info-graphic above can help you planning your stay and of course our travel agent are at your disposal to customize the itinerary following your need.

Keep in mind that if your flight arrives at about 11.00 am yoll be able to reach the city center at about 12.30-13.00 and enjoy your first Italian lunch with pizza or pasta! For long journey, with flights of more than 4 hours, allow you few hours to relax and maybe a romantic stroll during the evening to become familiar with the city...don't over-schedule your first day in Italy and start your tour relaxing and enjoying the Italian lifestyle!

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With the first draft of itinerary in your hands, you can start planning what to do and to see in each city.
As an ancient proverb says "Rome was not built in a day" and this applies to all the major Italian cities of art! So be prepared to walk a lot if you want to see the main monuments of each city in just 7 days ... and, in order not to turn your Italy tour into a "mission impossible", something will have to be left out!

- Hotels booking

If you only have few days, our suggestion is to book a hotel in the city center to avoid loosing your time on transportation. Usually the cheapest hotels are located near the railway stations and are also the most convenient if you travel by train between each city. Even for those arriving by plane, the railways station is the most convenient area as there are both connections by train and by shuttle bus.
Remember that hotels do not include in the price the tourism tax, to be paid locally, which range from few euro up to 10 euro per person per night.

- Means of transportation

You have a wide range of options to choose for traveling between each city: by train, by flight and by car. Usually traveling by train or by plane can be less expensive than renting a car or booking a private transfer with driver.
Purchasing in advance the train tickets you will save further money. Train tickets can be booked up to 3 months in advance and many routes provide a limited number of discounted seats.  We suggest to choose the high speed trains: they are more comfortable and they operate even in case of strike.
If you are traveling between the Italian cities by plane pay attention to low cost airlines: remember to include during the booking any hold luggage and to do the check-in online ... otherwise yoll pay an extra fee at the airport!
We usually don't suggest to rent a car for several reasons: you need an international driving license, a valid credit card (debit card are not accepted) and you must have more than 24 years old. Indeed traveling by car means also pay fuel, tolls and parking and in some city center you are not allowed to enter without paying a really expensive ZTL tax.

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- Plan what to see and to do

If traveling during festivities pay attention to the closures of monuments, museums, shops and restaurants. This will help you better plan your stay, avoiding to find them closed!
In addition, the State Museums provide free admission on the first Sunday of every month: if this is a good news for your wallet, you have to take in account long queues up to 3 hours to enter the main monuments! During the free admission days you cannot purchase skip the line tickets. We suggest to book these tickets for the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery, the St. Mark's Basilica (from April to November) and Ducal Palace (combined ticket giving right of entry to the Museums of St. Mark's Square at discounted price). Instead the booking of skip the line tickets is compulsory to visit the Borghese Gallery, The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. All skip the line tickets are more expensive as include a fee for the presale.

Visiting monuments with a local and expert tour guide is an experience not to be missed as only a locals known secret places off the beaten paths! A private tour guide could be really expensive if you are traveling alone or only with your family, but if you are a group of 6 or more people it could be less expensive than group tours. It is also true that with a private guide you can customize the itinerary while if you join a group tour you must follow scheduled timing. A solution could be booking a private driver that can show you the main attractions of the city, can tailor made the itinerary and can give you some general information on the places visited. But remember: drivers are not tour guides, so they cannot enter the monuments and museums and have a less specific knowledge of art and history.

In general, the advice is to check the opening hours and plan ahead the time required to visit every museum and monument, to optimize every day! Remember to leave also some free time for shopping or to sip a cappuccino ... after all you are always on vacation!

During your stay in Italy: enjoy your holiday!

The first tip??? Enjoy your holiday and remember that although you have planned everything successfully, the unexpected can happen! But remember also that, as tourist, you have some rights in the event of problems and overbooking: you can read more here.

The second important tip is to wear comfortable shoes! Visit a city of art definitely requires many hours spent standing and walking. The laziest can use public transport, with tickets available in solutions of 1, 2 and 3 days, or they can take the most comfortable but also more expensive hop on hop off bus, that stops near the main monuments and provide a commentary of the main attractions through an audio-guide.

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At this point , the only one suggestion we can give you is enjoy your Italy tour. How? Visiting new places, discovering new cultures, talking with unknown local people, venturing into the off the beaten track alleys, enjoying the typical Italian food and wine, leaving the stress of everyday life...in a word: opening your eyes on the beauties of Italy!
And if you still have some doubts on how to plan an itinerary and how to choose the places to visit in Italy, take a glance at our private and semi-private tours of Italy.

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